Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i'm so excited to be graduating!!

just kidding.

I am not graduating. Tomorrow is not my last day of classes, this is not the last paper I will write as an undergrad, it isn't my last time to have a sore hand from writing essays, nor is it my last chance to pull an all-nighter cram session. Shoot.

The impending doom of the rest of my life is not days away. I do not have to make life altering decisions right now, and I am not stepping out into unknown territory with bills, insurance, or setting up a 401k (whatever that is...).

As much fun as all that sounds, I'm not upset about not graduating with the rest of my class. I'm actually pretty stoked about what next year has to offer. The next 4 months are a big, exciting, open question mark. After that, I'll be back at school until I can convince someone to let me have a diploma. I would love to order my cap and gown, dream about what grad school to attend, or plan a move to a new, exciting place. Despite that, I do not regret the excurtions I have taken instead of "staying on track" with my "college career." I certainly wouldn't trade anything for knowing these precious babies.

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