Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22 June 2010

Here are my babies!!

Elizabeth is three years old and has cerebral palsy. She had been going to school and was able to learn so much! She can sit by herself, roll all the way over, and her vocabulary has grown a lot.

Jeremiah is my little boy. He is not so much a “baby” anymore- he’s a tough little man. He loves to run, watch the goats, help “Uncle”, and he is a future soccer star!

Julia is not really one of the babies because Trena has decided to “adopt” her (Americans are not allowed to adopt Kenyan babies at this time). She is such a funny little busybody. Her and Jeremiah have so much fun together!

Kate is awesome. She has a snarl of a smile and loves to pretend to be a lion- grunting and growling as she makes her way around the house. Lately she has been standing up on her own, so she will be walking very soon!

Eli has become such a happy baby. Though he may look angry in the picture, that is actually his goofy little smile. He learned how to clap the other day and is so proud of himself.

Hope is such a sweet baby. She just hangs out and watches life. She just got her first tooth in this week. As I mentioned earlier, her smile is my favorite; it takes up her whole face! (I’m sorry…I still haven’t gotten a good picture of her smile, but she’s still so beautiful!)

David is the peaceful baby, as long as he is being held. He is six months old, but his body is only the size of a newborn because of the malnourishment he suffered before he came. All you have to do to get him to smile is say his name; he loves it!

Joseph, or “the last born” as the girls often refer to him as, is only a few weeks old and was abandoned/dropped off at the house the day he was born. He is growing fast; today he graduated from preemie to newborn size clothes!

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